About Deborah

Deborah Rossouw - Deep Life Coach

Your Life Empowered!

I believe:
  • being empowered is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and the world
  • empowerment comes from owning your true identity
  • empowerment includes managing your emotions and expressing your true self, with skill & integrity
  • empowerment transforms paralyzing doubt into dancing with freedom and joy, on the inside
  • being empowered is about you showing up with courage, even if you feel vulnerable
  • being empowered is you being who you were born to be!

My passion is to help women, immigrants and introverts express themselves with courage and calm confidence at work, home and in life. I do this through personal coaching, skill-building workshops, and retreats with a deep life focus.

The deep life work (inner work) I specialize in is to heal and transform emotional pain so you can meet life with more compassion and resilience.

I provide you with
  • Skills to be assertive and feel more empowered
  • Proven methods to express yourself with integrity, dignity and responsibility
  • Rituals/ Practices/ Disciplines to reconnect with your inner resources and resilience
  • Processes that lead to breakthroughs and transformative experiences

As your Deep Life Coach my commitment is to support you to reconnect with who you truly are.

Do you
  • Suffer from self-doubt and second-guess yourself when making important decisions?
  • Typically stay silent in the company of more domineering people instead of expressing your insights and contribution with calm confidence?
  • Feel stuck in a less-than-healthy relationship, yet you’re afraid to speak your truth because you don’t know how to do so appropriately?If you said ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, you could benefit from my support .

Whether you want to learn to be assertive (skill development) or whether you want to heal emotional hurt and experience inner peace and meet life with more resilience, I can help you.

  • Skill development / Outer Work: I teach assertiveness skills to women, introverts and immigrants – a foundational skills that improves the quality of all our relationships. For more information on this specific skill click here.
  • Deep life work / Inner work: I take you through experiences that engage your mind, body and spirit, to bring profound insights and personal breakthroughs in the area of emotional healing. This is soul-work. And, it’s not for the faint-hearted. I do this via Journaling workshops or Soul Journaling Retreats, Coaching and Soul Spa Retreats.
Inner work – Deep life work

Often it takes a crisis to crack us open to the point where we realize we need help to heal the hurt.
The crisis is typically a major life shock such as divorce, the loss of a loved one, a major personal illness, or financial ruin. I need to be clear. I do not work with people who are in crisis. I work best with those who are out of a crisis and want tools to feel empowered.

After the crisis, inner repair work is the only thing that can heal the emotional pain and bring transformation. This is deep life work,(soul work) requres readiness and courage to begin the journey. And, it often does not happen immediately after the crisis. It may be a couple of years later, like mine did.

My own journey to empowerment took place over three decades. It took a divorce to crack me open enough to set me on the path to persona growth and empowerment. My first step was to learn how to assert myself. This was followed by numerous other personal growth programs.

Several years later I was nudged into attending numerous other personal growth programs. Interestingly, I was unaware of how badly I needed it. That deeper dive continues still. It’s resulted in me supporting others on their path to self-expression, inner healing and transformation.

Inner work and inner healing are familiar territory as this has been my path for more than three decades. Doing the deeper work has built my confidence and competence and provided me with numerous processes to help myself and my clients to heal emotional pain and experience compassion so they can meet life with more resilience. I can help you dexperience that too.

What are my credentials?
  • A Certified Integral Life Coach
  • A B.Soc.Sci. Honours Degree in Organizational Psychology
  • A Certified Master Practitioner of WEL-Systems NLP
  • Certificate in Boundary Work
  • Certificate in Inner Child Work
  • A Drama Degree
  • A Higher Diploma in Education

In addition I’ve completed three faith-based courses.

My Soul Spa Retreats and Coaching provide
life-empowering experiences and tools!

Who do I help?

Professionals in Life Transition* – mostly women, introverts and imigrants, including a few heart-oriented men

  • You want to bounce-back from stress / depression – you want to manage your emotions more skillfully
  • You want to be taken seriously – you want to express your ideas, needs and wants, with integrity and dignity
  • You want to integrate hidden hurts to experience wholeness, inner freedom and peace
  • You want to meet life with courage as you transition.

* Life-Transitions refer to how you handle your inner game when you experience life changes externally.

How do I help?
  • I give you tools to reduce your stress and manage your energy more effectively
  • I teach you skills to feel empowered
  • I help you access your inner resources so you experience more inner freedom
  • I take you on soul experiences to re-connect with your inner life
  • I equip you with processes and inner tools for living with more resilience

As your Deep Life Coach my commitment is to support you to access your deeper being to enrich your life.

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Clients come to me when they are experiencing
  • work-life stress
  • self-trust issues
  • challenges in expressing their truer self in their partner relationship
  • transitioning from single-to-married / or married-to-divorced/ or
  • gearing-up to transition from work-to-retirement.

Create an Empowered Life You Love!

  • I develop tailor-made, unique coaching programs to enable my clients to embody their desired outcomes, so they are more capable and competent to live their life with more courage and skill – empowered! To learn more, see Coaching.
  • If one or more of the above resonate with you, and if you’re motivated to invest in your growth, for individual coaching, please complete my Complimentary Discovery Questionnaire to assess if we’re a right match and if you’re eligible for complimentary discovery coaching conversation with me.
Soul Retreats for Women – which one is right for you?
  • I offer transformative Soul Spa Retreats and Coaching for your empowerment.
  • My unique Soul Retreats equip my clients with tools and processes to reduce stress, find inner harmony, re-connect with their deeper nature and explore ways to live lighter.
  • If you want the insider secrets Sign up for my e-newsletter, ‘cos my subscribers get it all first!
Why I do this work

Empowerment is my life theme. It’s what I’ve most needed to learn. For years I pretended to be self-confident, but on the inside I lacked a sense of identity and felt deeply insecure. As someone who is sensitive, I feel things deeply. Growing up I had no clue how to manage my emotions or to express my needs. I often did not feel heard, particularly in my teens and early adulthood when I experienced numerous boundary violations. Shame has a way of getting us to numb ourselves and to defend, rather than express our deepest need. Life’s crucible, however, enabled me to distill the good from the not-so good, and taught me to forgive and to overcome.

I’ve overcome chronic illness, betrayal, abuse, divorce, depression, loss and self-doubt – pretty much every form of situation that can leave one feeling dis-empowered – all without medication. Over three decades I invested thousands of dollars to get the help I needed: programs, counselling, coaching and research.

I spent hundreds of hours of my personal time learning how to be empowered. I even completed four certifications that equipped me with proven processes to support myself and others. I know what it’s like to feel vulnerable and powerless, as well as how to dig deep and overcome – to shift from doubt to dancing, with compassion and joy. Life got me to embrace a deeper way, and that’s made all the difference. I practice as a Deep Life Coach, and I’m passionate about supporting women to be empowered!

I’ll give you tools to revitalize and empower your life!

More about me – mini bio

For more than two decades and on three continents I worked in a variety of industries, including formal employ in financial services and healthcare. I’ve taken on HR roles such as Management Trainer, Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant and Coach. And, I’ve had the privilege of teaching thousands of professionals, front-line staff and middle managers, globally, to thrive through change, be more assertive, resolve conflict and be more resilient in the face of stress. I can help you too!

On the home-front

I’m fortunate to share my life with my closest friend, business partner and multi-talented author-musician-coach-photographer-second-husband of more than two decades. We’re blessed with four diversely talented grown-up sons, each of whom excels in his own individual field.

“Having emigrated to Canada in 2000, from South Africa, Dene and I now live in beautiful British Columbia – and we are proudly Canadian!

I’m a bit of a health nut and published my first book: Alive on Raw – get your body and energy back. Living foods fuel our bodies naturally.
Dance is another passion, freestyle as well as Spirit-led dance – a form of worship I felt called to at the age of nineteen. That’s a story I share in my forthcoming book:
What Came Because I Asked – Learning to live under a sacred sky
This book shares my own true stories, giving insight into how you too can connect with your super-natural self.
If this has you curious the link will take you to the page with the outline of my book.]