Assert Yourself

Assertive womanBeing Assertive

  • Do you struggle to give or receive constructive feedback?
  • Do you say ‘Yes’ to requests, when you want to say ‘No’?
  • Do you struggle to express your ideas with confidence in English?
  • Do you give in when confronted by difficult colleagues, clients or bosses with strong personalities?
  • Do you struggle to respond with confidence during meetings?

If you said ‘Yes’ to any of the above, you could benefit from the Assert Yourself workshop.

Whether you need to deal with difficult colleagues, clients or family members, this dynamic and highly interactive Assert Yourself program will equip you with knowledge, skills and tools to express yourself more skillfully.

Assertive communication helps to reduce misunderstanding. It also improves the quality of your relationships – with your colleagues, clients, boss, partner, parents, teens and friends.

When you want to:
  • Express yourself more confidently and clearly
  • Be taken seriously
  • Stand your ground, with dignity and integrity
  • Set limits and say ‘No’ respectfully and firmly
  • Respond appropriately to criticism – without caving in or lashing out
  • Find and express your true voice
  • Give and receive constructive feedback more effectively
  • Make effective requests, to get things done right, the first time
  • Feel more empowered

This program will equip you with proven strategies and skills to achieve all of the above!

You will:
  • Understand the four styles of communication and their impacts
  • Understand the power differential of each style and its outcome
  • Enhance your ability to express your wants, needs, concerns and perceptions
  • Understand your assertiveness rights
  • Apply two conditions to operate your assertiveness rights properly
  • Learn how to shift back to assertiveness if you or others have crossed the line to aggressive communication
  • Understand & apply the three foundational elements of effective communication
  • Practice giving & receiving constructive feedback, effectively
  • Practice how to say ‘No’ respectfully and firmly
  • Practice using the five assertiveness skills in your own situationThis highly experiential program provides plenty of opportunities to build your confidence and skill.The Assert Yourself program requires 1.5 hrs of pre-work. The workbook includes tools, templates and examples to enable you to assert yourself at work and home.
  • 1 Day – foundational program with selected skill focus
  • 2 Days – foundational program includes all skills with additional modules and skill building
Rave Reviews

Linda Ott – Lab Technician, Switzerland
“Just a small note to you to say how grateful I am to you for your Assert Yourself Coaching. I feel so much better about myself and have learned that I have just as much right to express my opinion in the workplace and in daily life as anyone else. I do not accept everything I am told “just to keep the peace” anymore. I have much more self-confidence now, thanks to you.”

Amber Zolandyn – Health Care-worker, Halifax Nova Scotia
“I have explored many personal growth workshops, self-help books, counsellors and psychiatrists. This Assert Yourself program is one of the most valuable classes. I’m impressed with how much valuable information Deborah shared in a short space of time – organized! I also appreciate the many types of teaching methods she used. I wish it were longer.”

C.J. – Ex-introvert – Halifax Nova Scotia
 “Deborah has contributed significantly towards my taking control of my needs and asserting them – to say what I feel rather than what I think others expect to hear. The course content and especially she, has strongly motivated me to become the strong individual that I am.”

Who is this program best suited to?

    • Immigrants who want to express their ideas in English more confidently and clarity, especially to colleagues, clients and bosses with strong personalities.
    • Introverts who want to enhance their self-expression skills so they can interact more confidently at work and home.
    • Women who are technically strong but lack the skills of assertiveness to respond effectively to strong personalities, to address conflict, face criticism, give constructive feedback and say ‘no’ when appropriate.

Group size: Minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 participants per group to allow for individual attention
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