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Heart Alchemy:
Emotional Stress Release – a tool to melt emotional stress

Heart Alchemy (Emotional Stress Release)

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Body Presence:
Life-Centering Practices
– a tool to be fully present in the moment

Body Presence (Life-Centering Practices)

My forthcoming book:
What Came Because I Asked – learning to live under a sacred sky

Dance is another lifelong passion, freestyle as well as Spirit-led dance

Spirit-led dance is a form of worship I felt called to at the age of nineteen. That’s a story I share in my forthcoming book: What Came Because I Asked – learning to live under a sacred sky.
This book shares my own true stories, giving insight into how you too can connect with your super-natural self.

Below is an excerpt of the focus and outline of my forthcoming book:
What Came Because I Asked – Learning to live under a sacred sky.

“Between these covers are true stories of divine intervention, revelation, dreams, prayers, poems and blessings, intended to open you to an even more vibrant secret life – an inner freedom that your soul has been longing for.

For clarity and convenience the book is divided into four parts:
Part 1 – Stepping Up provides insight into how and why this book came about.
Part 2 – Stepping In explores soul and spirit, healing the soul and embracing the spiritual path.
Part 3 – Stepping Forward covers praying, asking, receiving and perceiving through
conscious awareness of higher faculties, and
Part 4 – Stepping Beyond focuses on calling, declaring, downloading, flowing, serving and continuing. And throughout it reveals how in spite of the messiness of life, grace and guidance abound.

I’m still toying with providing a companion book with chapter-specific guidelines for Parts 3 and 4. Each section offers various ways of opening to your secret inner life. But, first things first. I’m currently editing my book, and is all things align, my hope is to publish it by the end of this year or early 2018.
you’re welcome to keep asking me about it, as that helps me stay on track, amidst multiple other deliveries.

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